The first tickling session for young yoga Gaya - Upper body and feet

Length - 24:26 - 1080P

Meet Gaya. She is just a supergirl. She is young, beautiful, and interesting, and she also practices yoga, she’s very flexible and knows a lot of kinds of esoteric stuff.
At the beginning of this clip, a small introduction, where Gaya does a little yoga (check the preview), she does all kinds of things, it looks insanely fetish.

After practicing yoga, Gaya gets her first tickling. The babe lies on her stomach with her legs bent at knees. Masked man comes up behind her and delicately begins to tickle her feet with feathers. Then he goes on tickling with his hands. Gaya reacts very sweetly to tickling, her reaction is exciting.
In the second scene, Gaya has her ankles and wrists locked in mini-stocks, she’s lying with her ass up. Masked man tickles her feet. This time he tackles her aggressively, using combs, fingernails, and an electric brush. Gaya twitches as long as she is allowed to do in stocks and squeals sweetly.

In the third scene, you’ll see her upper body tickling. Gaya lies on her back, her hands tied with a rope above her head and tied to a pillar. Masked man comes up and tickles her tummy, using feathers and more. Gaya squeals and twitches. He also begins to tickle her armpits. Seems that her armpits are the most ticklish spot on her body. But in general, it’s too early to draw conclusions about this. We are glad that we shot this beautiful girl, I hope we’ll shoot a lot of interesting stuff with her.

Gaya is available for custom requests.

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