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The jogger. Fairy Fox in trouble. Fetish movie. Foot Worship Maniac

Made by request
Prologue. Summer is here and most people are leaving the cities and go for a holiday. Our perverted friend from the earlier clips is here once again. He hasn’t got any luck lately with worship a lady’s feet. He has come up with the idea to look outside the city so he has traveled and then lives in either this cabin in the woods.

When he has been walking around he has noticed that many people are jogging in the woods and has started to spy on different girls and finally has made his choice in a young and charming girl Fairy Fox. She’s jogging almost daily so he has learned that she stopping at the same place every day to stretch.

So, at one day Fairy Fox runs through the woods, as usual, listening to music in her headphones and suddenly meets a strange masked man on her way. He holds one hand behind his back.
– “Can I help you?” The girl asks. Silence instead of the answer.
– “Are you okay?” Then the mysterious stranger walked toward Fox and took his hand from behind. He has handcuffs in his hand. Fairy Fox immediately runs away from him, but the stranger chases after her. Luck helps a poor girl – a maniac stumbles and falls, thereby giving Fairy Fox a chance to escape. She thinks she broke away from him. When she got tired, she turned around and saw no one behind…

Fox takes a stick in her hands and prepares for the worst, she is ready to fight for her life. Maniac watches her and comes from behind, and then sharply attacks her and knocks a stick out of her hands. He brings her down to the ground. They start to wrestle on the ground. The poor little girl resists, but he wins and shackles her hands in steel handcuffs. And then he lifts her up and carries her on his shoulder and drags poor Fox to his car. After he throws her into the trunk and takes her to his secret cabin.
1 scene. He dragged her into his cabin and hogtied her tightly (after some fight on the bed). She wakes up and he put a big ballgag in her mouth. He hasn’t said anything to her all time but now start to talk and say that she can fight and scream as much as she like nobody is going to her anyway.

Then he tells her that he’s going to worship her feet no matter what she unlikes or want that. And then slowly to take off her both sneakers and reveal a couple of colorful socks. He feels and sniffs the socks and says
– “Mmm, this is going to feel so good…” and starts slowly to remove the socks.
– “Now I’m going to lick your feet, baby!”
She does not like this at all. He begins to lick her sweaty feet.
She’s hating it so much that the man starts to be disturbed of it. He tells her to relax and stop the struggle. But she continues to scream and struggle, so he says that if she does not stop he is going to punish her.
Of course, she continues and he says:
– “Enough, now you are going to pay the price!”
2 scene. Fairy Fox lies bound on the bed on her stomach, hands tied behind her back, still ballgaged. And her feet are between a small bar in the bed, tied together and now also the big toes are tied together.

The man now says that now she will have to take her punishment. He starts to spank her feet with a bamboo stick and poor Fox screams and struggles. After a while, he starts to tickle her feet and she laughs and laughs.
So he continues switching between hard bastinado and tickling until he thinks that she’s learned her lesson.
3 scene. Fairy Fox is tightly hogtied on the couch and still with a big ball gag in her mouth. And now her big toes tied together.
The man says “I hope that you have learned your lesson and don’t disturb me again or I will punish you again!”

He starts to worship her feet again. Fox is now so tired from all struggle and punishing so she accepts that the man worships her feet but still complains and whining through the gag. After a while, he feels satisfied and tells her that he’s going to leave her now, but that someone probably finds her in a day or two and laughs to her and leave. Fox is now completely alone and struggling for a while.
Fairy Fox first gets nervous and struggles a lot, but realizing that she can’t get out, she decides to relax and wait for someone who will find and help her.

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