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The punishment continues and Rosa goes crazy

Length - 18:05
- 1080P -
Published 11 December, 2022

Rosa’s tickling punishment continues after she has been tickled for 17 intense minutes until her stockings are ripped off and her large pink and extra sensitive soles can be seen.
But we haven’t finished tickling her yet, so we open the stocks and place her big feet on the ends of her to work in another way. Rosa is very sensitive and nervous at the same time as excited because she knows that she will be tickled again and this time without stockings and with very hot soles.
Seeing Rosa’s rich bare feet it is inevitable not to lick them while we tickle her with fingers and brushes. But the best thing is that she cannot bear these tickles and she explodes with brutal laughter.

On some occasions we cover her eyes so that she does not know where we are attacking her and she really knows that she goes crazy the same or worse than in the previous part of her with the stockings.
Rosa is really tickled throughout this session without mercy and Rosa’s laughs and reactions are absolutely delicious.
Don’t miss out on our beautiful model and her insane laughter!

Rosa is one of the most ticklish girls who have passed through our studio and we would like to record many videos with her.
You can collaborate with our new model so that she can finish paying for her studies by buying this video if you want to see her in new situations mercilessly tickled all over her body.

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