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The Table turns and the Girls lose their Mind

The Table turns and the Girls lose their Mind


Length : 10:48

This vid is a little special since it was supposed to be three different vids when we started to shoot it. The girls had a head or toss game to determine which one will be the tickler, and Estelle won. Sara and Laurine were then supposed to be tickled non-stop for 10 minutes, blindfloded with their feet oiled from the beginning. A terrific situation for such ticklish girls, but they accepted the challenge … at first. The torture starts and both girl soon lose their mind with such an awful punishment, and at some point, Laurine definitely can’t stand it so we have to stop after a few minutes only.

Laurine being kind of a diva didn’t support to suffer that much and she totally refused to end the scene. I had to make a compromise, then here it is : we will tickle each duo for the same time, so she will have to do it once more but after a little break. Laurine agreed but she wanted to do her second session as ticklee first. Estelle then joins in with Sara as the new tickler, and the two friends suffer a common punishment with brushes, gloves and a lot of shouting. Finally, Laurine has the last word, torturing the two poor victims with the help of the tickler.

This clip is perfect if you want to have an opinion on these three girls. I already posted a few clips with them, and they were definitely one of my best experience as a producer !

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