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The Upperbody is the Worst + End ITW (with english subtitles)

The Upperbody is the Worst + End ITW (with english subtitles)


Length : 20’57

Laurine, Estelle and Sara are back ! After the stocks, it’s time to see if their upperbody is as ticklish ! A draw designates Laurine the Diva to be the first to endure the torture. She is totally reluctant, but she has no choice : it’s time for her to suffer ! Sara and Estelle take turn and tickle the poor blonde while I hold her arms back. For 6 minutes, she yells and laughs without stopping ! We stop there … for what should have been a break, but Laurine isn’t brave enough to face it again.

Sara is the next one to face tickling. And man she’s even more ticklish than Laurine ! Her upperbody is by far her most ticklish spot which is – when you know how ticklish her feet are – a very bad news for the art student ! She wiggles, she laughs, she shouts … she is very expressive and both Laurine and Estelle take advantage of the situation. She ends her part quite exhausted !

Estelle is the third and final victim for this scene. This athletic girl is very funny to tickle … and she is extremely ticklish too ! Nevertheless, she is more intrepid and cheerfull than her friends, so it’s the perfect end. Laurine and Sara have already endure tickling, so they want her revenge so bad now ! Both tickle Estelle very hard and the poor girl can’t do anything but laughing !

At the end there’s an interview with english subtitles so everyone will be able to hear the girls’s thoughts after their exhausting session. Hope you will enjoy 🙂 !

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