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The working girl – Maya got a weird client – Foot worship maniac

By John. Made by request

The story
Our perverted footman is back once again in this clip. He is a bit low though he hasn’t had an opportunity to worship and tickle a girls’ feet for so long now that he has started to get a bit desperate.
He has come up with the idea to go to a working girl on the street to fix this. He sees Maya on the street waiting for a customer. He approaches her and tells her that he want to play with her feet and suck on her toes. Unfortunately for him the girl is totally disgusted by this and tells him that he is a disgusting freak.
– “Go away, freak, I don’t do that kind of services!”

The man is furious about being refused by the . So he decides to take revenge. He waits until she starts to walk home and follows her in his car, and when the time is right he stops her and captures her. After that put her in his car and drives to his place.
After arriving at his Place he lays the girl down and gets his equipment she’s waking up and slowly starts to see what’s happening here. She screams and kicks the man and starts to attempt to flee from the man. The man falls to the ground and the girl is getting away, fearing that his girl is getting away he runs after her and after a while, he pushes the girl who falls to the ground.
After fighting and struggling the man overpowers her and starts to drag her back to the equipment. He hogties her and put a big red ball gag in her protesting mouth.

The man now starts to talk with her saying:
– “Look what you made me do. This is your fault what’s happened. If you had just let me play with your feet you had not being tied up and have your feet worshipped.”
Then he starts to take off her both boots. And then he slowly takes off her socks. He starts to laugh and say to her:
– “Not only that I’m going to worship your feet, now I don’t have to pay for it either.”
And he starts to worship her feet.
The girl shows how much she hates having her feet worships and she struggles the whole time.
After a long time he takes a break ties her big toes together and starts to tickle her instead she’s so ticklish and screaming and giggles all the time. After a while, she signals to him that she has something to say to him. He takes off her gag and she tells him that she can’t stand being tickled any more and that she will give him anything he wants if he stops tickling her.
The man says that he wants to have all the money that she has earned tonight. The girl is refusing and screams no way to him. The man gets angry and gags her again and gets a stick and starts to spank her soles with it. The girl is screaming about the treatment but still not want to give her money away. The man continues to spank her feet and ass with the stick and after a while, she’s giving him a signal again and he takes off the gag. She tells him:
– “Ok take the Money just let me go ok?”

The man asks where the money is and the girl tells him that she keeps them in her boots. He looks in the boots and finds himself a few hundred. He returns to the girl and tells her that he hopes that she has learned herself a lesson that the next time he sees her and want to worship her feet that she will let him do that and actually get paid for it.
Then he gags her again and continues to worship her feet… The end.

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