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Thirst of tickle – Take of Iraida’s socks and tickling her soft skin of feet and belly!

By Dero
Iraida returned to her car after work and decided to stretch her legs and feet by taking off her sneakers. Of course, she didn’t notice how there was a man on the back seat who wanted to tickle her.
While Susanna was distracting her with a little tickling, the man had already grabbed Iraida from behind and after that, she was tied up and her mouth taped with duct tape. He trusted Susannah with a tickle and she would use her fingernails. She began to tickle Iraida through her socks, and then took them off halfway to the delicate skin of her heels.

The guy tickled Iraida’s armpits a little bit from behind. Then Susanna took off Iraida’s socks completely, applied cream and tickled her naked feet even more.
Then Susanna got on the back seat, and the guy took tickled the juicy feet of Iraida, which he longed for.
Meanwhile, Susanna switched to Iraida’s stomach, he was puffy and incredibly ticklish with a beautiful belly button.

Then Susanna went back to Iraida’s feet, but in a different position, she tickled them with her fingernails and cream and then drove a branch over her soles, and it was quite sexy. The tickler got excited about it and was drawn to Iraida’s slightly dirty and ticklish feet.
Then when Iraida’s legs were in the back seat, Susanna tickled them again. And both ticklers enjoyed Iraida’s beautiful laughter.
Iraida is available for orders in the near future! Feel free to contact us.

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