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Thomas's Face is turning Red !


Length : 11:12

Let’s go back to Thomas the ticklish football player ! This is time, his upperbody is gonna receive some good old tickle torture, given by his sadistic girlfriend Elise ! The victim is lying on the bed, arms up, and he has one challenge : he must keep his arms up as long as the tickle torture goes on. If he fails, he has to go for another 10 minutes round. Knowing that he is quite ticklish everywhere, Thomas still accept if he’s able to get some help when he really need it. That’s why the tickler sometimes grab his wrists.

Elise, by the way, shows her merciless skills to her boyfriend. She tickles his sides, his torso, his neck and of course his armpits with her sharp nails, making him giggle and laugh. Once again, Thomas is not so much the “laughing” kind of ticklee but you can see on his face that the situation isn’t very pleasant for him ! His face is even turning red ! After her session in the stocks, Elise has no mercy ! Let’s see if he can do it !

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