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Three angry girls Leya Alevtina and Olesya tickle poor guy


Length - 29:15
- 1080P -
Published 20 July, 2020

We’re glad to present our new and hot FFF/M tickling.

This time poor Dietrich will be tickled by three angry girls: Leya, Alevtina and Olesya. Keypoints of the clip:

Tickling to be by fingers only (no tools).
Dietrich is tied up in a Y position (hands together and legs spread) and stretched. He is tied up really well and unable to move. 

He is tied up with the leather restraints.

He is ballgagged (about 1/3 of the clip) and blindfolded (all the time).The girls change their places every few minutes. They are holding his legs in armlocks and also uses their body weights to press him down.

After the session, Dietrich body looks like he had a dance with Evil 😀


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