Three ticklers for poor Leya - Tonya, Vila and Fairy Fox


Length – 22:42 – 1080 P

The idea of this clip is simple – Tonya, Vila, and Fairy Fox approach Leya. Poor girl is already tied in spread eagle on the bed. Girls start tickling her. Leya is gagged and blindfolded.

One of the ticklers sits on top of Leya and tickles her sides and armpits while two other girls are lying near each Leya’s foot and tickle them…
After some time ticklers change places by turn. Leya gets lots of tickling today…

In the first part of the clip Leya is placed on her back, at the second she’s on her belly with no gag.
She just can’t go anywhere and her girlfriends are very hungry to her laughter.
It turned out very fun and sexy. Enjoy!

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