Tickle battle with Agata and Ada + tickle with toes


Length – 19:19 – 1080P

This time a tickling battle takes place between Ada and Agata, who know about tickling a lot already.
To begin with, Agata is chained to a corner device and she has to experience the tickling by Ada’s toes. Her beautiful tanned feet begin to tickle Agata’s armpits and sides, and she squeals and laughs.

Next, Ada tickles her victim in a standing position. In the end, she tickles her by hands, forcing Agata to go crazy.
Now the girls switch roles and Agata takes revenge on Ada by tickling her tender armpits with her toes.

Then she goes to Ada’s feet and mercilessly tickles them with her nails. Ada becomes very sensitive and Agata goes over to her upper body and torments Ada with her hands, crawling into her deep armpits.

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