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Tickle Hell for Dina. All toes tied foot tickling

Definition - 1080P
Length - 20:17


Only feet tickling there
Dina fell into the trap! She wakes up in the lair of a maniac tied to a table. Each of her legs is securely fixed and all her toes are tied and pulled back. She almost cannot move. Her mouth is gagged with a cloth. What will happen now?

Tickler lubricates her right foot with oil and tickles her for a long time, with her fingers and a toothbrush, as well as a comb. Dina goes insane, her feet are very ticklish and she screams twitches and laughs. She makes big eyes all the time.
Then the shooting angle changes and the ticker moves to her left foot. He also lubricates this foot with oil and continues to tickle her furiously for a long time. Dina madly screams and makes big eyes.

– “How loud you are!” With these words, he leaves and comes back with a red tape. He tightly tapes her mouth around her head to make her quieter.
Then he tickles her both feet from under the table. Dina yells through the gag, mumbles and makes the puppy’s eyes. What a ticklish feet… Even her heels are very ticklish!
Then he removes the gag completely and continues to tickle her two feet at the same time. Dina laughs cheerfully and begs to stop this.

The girl became tired from such a long tickling. Time to rest.
After the shooting Dina said that it was real for her, but anyway she loved that and want to be tickled more and more in the future.
Dina is available for custom clips! Feel free to contact us!

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