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Tickle Torture of Harley Quinn – Where is Joker?

Definition - 1080P
Length - 30:54


Harley Quinn got in a very awkward situation. She was captured by Poison Ivy because she tried to find Joker, who owed Ivy a lot of money.
Harley was seated on a chair and a young Ivy has decided to tie her, lock her feet in stocks and then her with tickling.

– Well, Harley, tell me where’s Joker?
– Do whatever you want. I will still keep silent. Haha
– It’s your loss, I will you, tickle . I know that you’re very ticklish!
Ivy takes off Harley’s shoes and starts to tickle her feet in black stockings. Harley is going crazy, she’s laughing, but it seems that she’s not going to give up. Ivy tickles toes and delicate feet of a young Harley, going sometimes to the stomach. Oh, she gain weight!

– Tell me where he is? I’m not going to stop this !
But Hurley does not give up.
Ivy rips her stockings and starts tickling bare feet using her sharp nails.
– Ahahaahaha, endless echo is in the room
– Let’s try a new device!
Ivy takes a comb and carefully tickles Harley’s feet. But she does not give up.
– Bitch!, With these word Ivy begins to tickle her armpits and ribs. And her fat belly. Harley cries and goes mad. But she does not give up.

At the end, when Ivy begins to tire, Hurley finally surrendered.
– Okay, stop. I’ll tell you where he is.
Ivy releases Harley. But no such luck! Quinn quickly handles Ivy and says – You’re so naive… Now it’s your turn!

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