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Tickling and licking sexy Madoka's feet


Length - 14:03 - 1080P

Madoka is tied with jute ropes in an upper body in the shibari style named takate-kote. She’s also connected with a rope to the ceiling. She kneels on the bench, her legs crossed and tied to the bench with a rope. Madoka is in a helpless and difficult situation and she likes it. She is not alone in the room, Kate Anima is next to her… First, Kate watches the helpless cutie. She can’t resist and approaches Madoka and begins to surround Madoka’s body with caresses.

Kate admitted to me that when she founds Madoka’s feet very attractive to lick and torment. So Kate asked me to prepare Madoka in this position for her entertainment.
Kate Anima is excited, she touches, kisses and caresses Madoka. After she sits down comfortably near her bare feet and begins to have fun with them. She tickles them with hands, comb, and toothpick, licks and bites them. This whole process excites Madoka and Kate can’t stop… Enjoy!

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