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Tickling hell for Mora

If you watched other clips with Mora, you surely remember her reaction to tickling. She doesn’t laugh, but twitches, growls, and groans. She has insanely ticklish feet so tickling is real torture for her. In this clip, Home Girl and I drive her crazy with that. This is a long clip in which Mora suffers from tickling, and we enjoy the process.

In the first scene, Mora lies on the stomach. There are socks on her feet. Hands and feet are tied with ropes. Here we come and begin to tickle her strongly. After some time I take off her socks and lubricate her feet with oil. We tickle her very intensely and she screams very hard. One of us tickles the feet and the other upper body.
In the second scene, Mora is hogtied and again in socks.

We continue to torment her body and feet with tickling, and she continues to scream, twitch and moan. Then I take off her socks and Home Girl bites and suck Mora’s toes a bit. Our ticklee is going mad but we continue to torment her.
After we have played enough with her, we leave poor hogtied Mora alone. Enjoy!

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