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Length - 17:15 -
Definition - 1080P

Tickling Movie: Be my double Agent

Made by request. Fee free to contact us about custom video for you, we are open to different fetishes (email is above).

After months of undercovered work in chemical company, headed by Supervillain woman, secret Agent X was finally able to get an access to classified files for a new solution if sprayed on every materials can make it indistruttibile.
Meanwhile Agent X copy the files from pc on USB for pass it to Agency, didn’t notice the Supervillain enter in room and knock her off.

When Agent X regain her senses she is sitting on sofa in Supervillain office, she is not tied or supervised… Nothing seems strange with her, the only thing out place are her shoes… Her ballets flats she weared during mission are accurate placed near her feet and now she wears a pair of high heels she never seen before. Not bad she think… But totally useless for her mission, she need agility and those shoes are completely at the opposite. She try to slide out her feet from heels for wear her ballets flats again, but she can’t! Her feet seems stuck inside! Before Agent X try understand why, the office door open and Supervillain woman come in, Agent X regain quickly her composure, leaving the shoe problem aside.
The Supervillain woman start speaking to Agent X. The cover was burn, Agent X doesn’t kniw what to do. Supervillain reallu want Agent X became her agent too and follow her orders. She gave two present to Agent X- this special shoes and toe cuffs, which are covered with special formula and there is no chance to unlosh and take them off. When Agent X try to move a step forward her feet don’t move an inch and a pain start from her big toes and go trough her legs.

Supervillain grab her ankles and rise its, making visible the bottom of Agent X shoes. The soles of heels are completely cut away and display her bare soles, plus her big toes are secured together by a couple toecuff, and that’s why Agent X can’t remove the high heels and walk! Supervillain mock Agent X and start tickling her feet trought the holes in shoes. Agent X is extremely ticklish, so she start laugh histerically, praise the Supervillain to stop the . Unfortunately for the Secret Agent X, Supervillain want not to stop so sooner and between a laugh and another of Agent X she try to convice her to fight at her side.

But Agent X even in the situation were she is and without breath for the laughs was unmovable from her position. Supervillain tickle her for another minutes with more energy, and when stops Agent X was totally powerless. Totally empty after the long tickle session.
After that Agent X left alone, so she tries to take off that devils shoes, but without success.

Made by request. Fee free to contact us about custom video for you, we are open to different fetishes (email is above). After...
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