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Tickling punishment in student dorm


Length - 22:24
- 1080P -
Published 25 July, 2022

We are into college dormitory. Strange things are going here- girl’s stockings disappear here. Seems like somebody stole it. Olivia and Bramble think this Maya did. They come to her and ask her about it. Of course, she says nothing. Then they start to search her place, and here are all the stockings! Such a dirty girl! They wants to punish her.

They knows- Maya is very ticklish. No doubt, it has to be a torment! They capture Maya, holding her lags and arms, start to tickle her upper body, nipples, pussy, tights. She is screaming, but no way, they are strong enough. They tickle her till the tears. Then Maya is tied up in standing position, her hands lifted up, her legs tied too. Good pose to continue tickling. At the end girls will add a vibrator as well. All conversations here are in English.

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