Tonya goes crazy - Tickle hell for girl with sensitive feet


Length – 10:36

For a start, we firmly fix Tonya in stocks. We know that she has very sensitive feet and she will wiggle as hell. We didn’t leave a little chance for the poor girl. Moreover, we tied each of her toes. Bird in a cage, the plot is simple. My mate and I took one of her foot. It all starts with licking and biting her feet, then we abundantly lubricate her soles with oil.
In this clip, we tickle her very intensely with very short brakes. Tonya screams and curses, she practically convulses when we tickle her feet! She’s ticklish as hell tonight!

In the end, she gets a new challenge:
– Guys! I don’t need anything, please let me go! I can’t stand it anymore!
– Well, if you want it to end then I suggest you play a little game. We are tickling your feet as hard as we can and you should count from 60 to 0 out loud. It will end when you do it.
– Can I count from 0 to 60?
– No baby, it will be too easy for you.

It’s turned out very challenging for Tonya, but she did it because there were no other ways to get out of this tickling hell.

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