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Length - 21:14 -
Definition - 1080P

Tonya’s Hogcuff Tickle Torment

Tonya wears tight blue jeans and a black vest top.
At the beginning of the clip barefoot Tonya with her feet resting on a table in front of her crossed over. She flexes her toes.
Tonya is house-sitting for a friend. There’s a knock at the door. She answers the door and a masked intruder bundles her inside, her. When she wakes up she finds herself tightly hog cuffed with two pairs of metal handcuffs; the handcuffs around her wrists and ankles are joined very close together with big tumb-cuffs. The knots are out of reach, making her completely helpless.

The intruder wants to know the combination of the house safe. Tonya says she doesn’t know it. The intruder doesn’t believe her. At this point, he takes some black tape and gags Tonya with it, wrapping it around her head a few times, completely covering her mouth.
Now she can only mmmmppphh.
The intruder says he’s going to take a look around. If Tonya refuses to cooperate, he’ll tickle her bare feet. He goes off and leaves Tonya to struggle in her bondage. When he returns he asks her again if she’ll reveal the combination. Poor Tonya cannot nod yes since she simply doesn’t know, so the intruder begins tickling her bare feet.

He starts with his fingers and then later uses the electric toothbrush. All the time, Tonya mmmmppphhs desperately into her gag, bucking in her bonds. Her facial expressions show how much of a torment the foot tickling is for her. She’s flexing her fingers and toes.

When he realizes Tonya isn’t going to cooperate, he decides to take what he can and leaves Tonya to struggle alone hog cuffed and gagged, wondering when somebody will come and release her from her bondage. The end.

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