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Two 18 year old girls tickle older student girl Layla! “I hate you both!”

New model Layla arrived! She is a medical student and 24 years old. First off, Layla has quite a BITCHY/PRINCESS LIKE behavior. She likes expensive clothes, has a typical LV bag and hates nerds. She doesn’t want a friend who is poor and is always looking for an opportunity to become famous. Her parents are very rich and raised her up with that kind of attitude. Too bad, her father just canceled her student money and she now has to earn money for paying her rent. Layla heard about the shoot with Emily and asked me if we could do a session together. I didn’t like the way she spoke, but I immediately thought of giving her a TICKLISH LESSON. I agreed and told Lisa and Katarina about her. She immediately said they want to TICKLE THE F*** OUT OF HER! And OMG these two 18 year old girls were so mean!! I always get the feeling that Lisa and Katarina like to tickle, especially older girls who have an arrogant behavior. I tagged both against the older student and it felt like a TICKLE ATTACK against her.

You will see two 18 year old girls having fun with poor Layla, tickling her extremely soft feet and super sensitive upper body! In the first part, Katarina takes off Layla’s shoes (Nike Jordans) and tickles her extremely soft soles. After a few minutes, LISA JOINS her and tickles her sweaty armpits! As if that wasn’t enough, LISA IS TICKLING HER SENSITIVE FEET AND KATARINA HER UPPER BODY AT THE SAME TIME! Layla was completely exhausted, but it’s only halftime for her. In the second part her super ticklish armpits will suffer even more! Layla was furious at Lisa and Katarina after the shooting, should she get a revenge on these two 18 year old girls? Layla’s shoe size: 38.5 (EU)

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