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Tyrannical tickling


Length – 17:20

New emotional tickling video beyween Ann (bottom) and Foxy (Top).

Ann wears cute white lingerie, Foxy wear shiny red catsuit, black corset and high heels.

From the start of video Ann is tied up on bench, her feet restrainted in stocks, hands tied to tights. She looks like innocent angel!

Foxy came to room. She tease Ann, speak powerfull and promise her really hard tickling time. She touch her, tease her body, tits and pussy with nails. But for the start big paintbrush would be so nice.

Fox0 yput glass with oil on Ann’s breast so she needs to be quite and hold the glass while Foxy tickle her crotch with paintbrush- above and under panties. Ann’s eyes are full of panic- one wrong move and glass will fall down, without doubt she will be punished then.

After short warm up with that, oxy switch her attention to Ann’s feet. She tickle them with nails, bite them (what makes Ann screaming with big eyes), oil them and tickle with big brush. After while Ann became so loud, definettely we need ballgag for her.

Video is full of domination, hard tickling and so sweet screaming.

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