Vanda was subjected to an intense tickling with 4 hands


Length – 16:54

In this clip, you’ll see an upper body tickling and a foot tickling at the very end. Vanda lies in spread eagle on the bench, her hands and feet are fixed in stocks.
The first tickler comes and tickles her upper body. Then the second one sits near her feet and tickles them. Then two ticklers torture ticklish Vanda and she squeals and wiggles a lot. For hands are running over her most ticklish spots.
Then one tickler starts licking and biting her feet while other one tickles her sides and armpits. Then they both tickle her upper body. Her armpits get sweaty from such an intense tickling.
After that, they put a ball gag into her mouth and intensively tickle her soles in another pose. She laughs and squeals through the gag.

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