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Length - 15:23 -
Definition - 1080P

Who will win ? Girls knock out each other

Agatha sits and listens to music and Alla is watching her. She wants to play with Agatha’s body and wants to caress her big tits.

Alla sneaks up and knocks Agatha out – after a long struggle, she feels her body and plays with her face. She takes off her jacket and dumps her breasts from under the shirt and caresses her. Now the satisfied Alla lies down on the bed and plays with her feet. At this time, Agatha woke up and crept up to Alla to fight her – she grabbed Alla and with the same rag tries to put her to sleep – after a fierce struggle Alla surrenders – Agat checks Alla’s eyes and strokes her body.

She strokes her feet and turns her body onto her stomach, takes off her pantyhose in a stack and strokes Alla’s sexy feet again. Now she sits between her legs with her back to Alla and massages them – in the meantime, Alla woke up and abruptly pounced on the shocked Agatha – the girl again fiercely fights but gives in. She rolls her eyes and falls asleep on the table – now Alla throws Agatha’s body completely on the table, lifts her skirt up to her white panties and takes off Agatha’s T-shirt.

Satisfied Alla squeezes Agatha’s big boobs and lies down on the table next to her – here she licks her breasts and nipples and plays with them with her tongue. Then Alla leaves and finds Agatha’s jacket – she likes it and decides to try it on … Continued in part 2.

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