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Definition - 1080P
Length - 37:27

Xena, Kate Anima, Madoka – Hogtie session with three submissive girls and different gags

Three submissive cuties are sitting on their knees and waiting. They are anticipating their turn to be in the tight embrace of ropes. Among well-known Kate Anima and Madoka, there is also a new face – Xena. This young lady with gypsy roots came to us specifically to try herself in bondage and other fetishes. Kate Anima told her about us at a party and she wanted to try filming. Well, we are always glad to new kinky people 🙂

It turned out that the ropes are very good for Xena and she shows interest in them.
Masked man decides to tie all three beauties in hogtie and the most experienced model – Kate Anima – comes first. While she is being tied up, Xena and Madoka watch the process while sitting on their knees.
Xena is next in line. Masked man ties her tightly in a hogtie next to Kate. Xena has a great stretch and manages to arch her back well so the hogtie turned out really tight. We were impressed because that was the first hogtie in her life.

Madoka goes third and gets hogtied and placed next to the other girls. Each girl gets a different gag in her mouth, Kate gets a cleave gag, Xena gets a ballgag, and Madoka’s mouth is sealed with grey tape. All three girls have their big toes tied.
As a result, we have three barefoot girls with dirty soles hogtied and gagged. From time to time, Masked man slaps each of them on their feet to make their bondage experience brighter.

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