Genuine Tickling

Ways to Help us

Genuine Tickling is a healthy website and business, but we still need help to achieve our ultimate goal. 

Buying our studio !

In Paris (France) as in any other capital the cost of housing is super high and climbing. 

I started this business without any prior experience in traditional wage labour.

Second problem : Adult content is seen by the whole system as risky or fishy. 

This means that I cannot see a banker, take a loan, or even rent.
I cannot have a tickling studio by any traditional mean. 

The only way is to throw all the money at once at the face of an owner (well not literally). 

My strengths come from the community, you have been very supportive by buying products from our studio.  This is enough to keep the business afloat (and well), but I would need dozens of years to buy something. 

How that benefits You?

  1. You will get more videos, more frequently, and more models
  2. You will get your customs shot and delivered way faster
  3. Better lighting
  4. More bondage stuff (think stocks)
  5. More collaborations with GT Prod. and French tickling, and other french friends (and beyond)

How you can help

In french, we have this saying “faire feu de tout bois” that could be translated by “throwing everything and the kitchen sink“.

Believe me :

Each of those solutions help greatly. 

Everything will contribute toward the goal and nothing else. 

Let’s review the solutions together.

#1 Use "Brave" web browser

When you spend time on our website with this browser, we are given “basic attention token”, it is a crypto currency.

This is very helpful  and it’s a small change that you can do :

Download Browser with Adblocker for Mobile & Desktop 

#2 Be a client to our side business

I also run CC Investment, it is a business where you can actually get a lot of money. 

In short : We run bots that do crypto trading for you and they have an amazing ROI.

It’s only 10 $ / Month and you have 1 free month for trial.

Check out CC Investment

#3 Donate

That’s probably the most straightforward thing you can do. I really love you for considering this.