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Bitcoins !

Oh I missed it !

It’s been some times since I’ve not written some news.
Well let’s talk about the latest change.

Online payment is more complicated than you could think, there are all kind of reasons why but let’s sum it up :

It’s a Mafia between banks and intermediaries, and the business that makes the sales really overpays. There are gazillion of fees …

Anyway, while I’m all for convenience for the customer, we need backups.
That’s why I decided to try Bitcoin payments.

While it’s unusual at this time for most of you customers, it’s something very important to learn.

In fact, you just need 2 things :

  • Bitpay -> It’s a wallet just like Paypal, that’s how you will pay.
  • Bitcoins -> There are lots of places where you can buy some with your credit card. We recommend coinbase for it’s use of use

Now let’s say you want to make a purchase, you just need to scan a QR code or 1 tap “copy-paste”. And it’s done !

Is it safe?
Yes ! For both parties.

Is it long to process a payment?
This was a problem when BTC became popular, now there is a “lightning network” that processes your order as fast as a credit card.

Is it anonymous?
We still have all the information required to create an account (country, email, username …). You can fake if you want.

So we’ll how it goes, and we are always looking for better solutions.
If you want to give it a try, 1 crypto payment = 1 bonus clip of your choice 😉

What if Bitcoins crashes?
– On our end there is no problem : The amount is converted into USD or EUR.
– On the user end, I would advise you to keep small amounts of BTC (not more than 100 $ worth of BTC)

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