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We understand you

Genuine Tickling is the only platform run by a producer and fetish lover, not some guy in a suit

Earn More

30 % is our current fee, and it's never going to go up
This means you keep 70 % of your generated revenue

We Work for you

You are still in charge of your marketing and prices, but we optimize product pages and push your studio in our emails, website and social media.

High traffic

Up to 45 000 eyeballs each month and growing
Genuine Tickling is the only video HUB dedicated to Feet & Tickling

Flexible Payout

Be paid on demand when you reach a minimum of 75$, in the currency you want.

Protection against Piracy

We check download logs and leave only a limited time to download clips.
Also, we have a chargeback protection and insurance, so you'll get paid every time.

Compare our platform

Genuine Tickling
ChargeBack Protection
Revenue Sharing 70% 60%
Payout On demand when > 75 $ Monthly when >100 $ or 150 $
Submission of your models ID and contracts You keep your records They keep your records
Uses Privacy friendly analytics
Import your old clips easily
Preserve the quality of your video
Efficiency against Piracy