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Why put your clips on genuine Tickling ?

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Earn more Money

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Protection against Piracy

We check download logs and leave only 1 day to download clips.
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Let's go !

  • No exclusivity required : Keep your other stores / Patreon
  • Upload 15 original clips and get a 150 $ bonus *
  • Save time. We will import your old clips for you.

Prohibited content

  •  No content (clips, videos or images) can be sold through Genuine Tickling that intentionally violates our stated Rules and Regulations
  • If you are found doing this your studio and/or master account (all studios) may be permanently closed and/or terminated.
  • No Underage Material Real or Simulated (ex., sexual activities with child-like dolls) – All actors must be and appear to be 18 years of age or older in any clips, videos or images.
  • No Horror/Snuff – You cannot act out someone being maimed or killed in any clips, videos, or images.
  • No Necro (necrophilia) – You cannot feature dead people (real or simulated) in any clips, videos or images.
  • No Blood – There cannot be any blood or simulated blood shown in any clips, videos, or images.
  • No Asphyxiation – You cannot suffocate or insinuate altering someone’s breathing in any way (ex., choking, strangulation, hanging by the neck etc.) in any clips, videos or images.
  • No Forced Sexual Activity – You cannot indicate or imply that someone is being forced or coerced into having sexual activity against their will in any clips, videos, or images.
  • No Non-Consensual Sexual Activity – You cannot show someone having sexual activity against their will or without their knowledge (ex., they are unconscious or sleeping, i.e., their eyes are closed) in any clips, videos, or images.
  • No Fraudulent Sexual Activity – Your content cannot involve actual fraud, deception, or misrepresentation in connection with sexual activity. This rule does not prohibit staged or fantasy productions. Federal sex trafficking laws prohibit (among other things) commercial sexual activity that results from fraud. Depictions of any such real-world activity is strictly prohibited.
  • No Scat (feces) – There cannot be any feces or simulated feces in any clips, videos, or images.
  • No Pissing/Peeing (urine) – There cannot be any peeing on other people or show someone consuming urine in any clips, videos, or images.
  • No Fisting – There cannot be vaginal fisting or anal fisting in any clips, videos, or images.
  • No Unconscious Sexual Activity – You cannot use or imply using any type of chemical, drug, or other substances to render someone unconscious in any clips, videos, or images.
  • No Weapons – There can be no weapons shown in any clips, videos, or images. This includes prop/fake weapons. Weapons include but are not limited to firearms, swords, explosives, and knives.
  • No Drugs – There cannot be any drugs shown or used in any clips, videos, or images.
  • No Intoxication – Someone cannot be intoxicated during sexual activity in any clips, videos, or images. This includes, but is not limited to: alcohol, drugs, and all other substances that cause intoxication or can cause someone to be considered as being under the influence.
  • No Crushing – There is to be no crushing of any living animal, insect, or fish (Vertebrate or Invertebrate) in any clips, videos, or images, including but not limited to: snails, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, crayfish (crawdads), spiders, fish, scorpions, lizards, and all other living creatures. You may ONLY crush food and/or inanimate objects.

All sales within this period will be paid out regularly.