Genuine Tickling

Releasing Tickling Reviews !

I’m glad that I can finally unveil our latest project !

We’ve all bought clips and were disappointed at least once.
On the other hand, there are a lot of gems out there that weren’t appreciated at it’s true value.

When you buy any cultural product, you can review it, why not fetish clips ?

So here is Tickling Reviews !

The core principle is simple : Anyone can review a clip they bought.

There are “permanent contributors”, but anyone can post a guest review, anyone but studio owners to avoid conflict of interest.

I’d be glad that you post your own reviews or apply to be a permanent contributor.
I really think this will help the whole community, which is the philosophy of Genuine Tickling 😉


– Why can I only review a clip I bought ?
-> Because it creates a positive bias where people only review what they like. There is still a chance of being disappointed

– Is it related to Genuine Tickling ?
-> Tickling Review is independant, permanent contributors are paid with tickle points on GT for each review.
They review clips that are on every platform, nobody tells them what to review and there is no censorship.

– How does it make money ? Is there any affiliation program ?
-> As of now there is only a donation page. Maybe there will be some advertising revenue in the future.

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