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Tutorial : How to buy with crypto currencies and save money


Your first crypto purchase may be a bit confusing, but let’s help you with that in a quick way. Besides, every crypto order is an additional 5% off !

  1. Select Crypto as a mean of payment on checkout
  2. You will be shown a QR code and a list of characters (the wallet’s address)
  3. Now you have 60 minutes to complete your order.

Now there are 2 options

You already got a wallet filled with cryptocurrencies

Go into your wallet app or web service, then copy the address and send the amount indicated to our wallet

You don’t have anything

Don’t worry ! Go to Coinbase or Binance or Uphold

How to choose ? Well Binance is the best out of the free, but the signup process is a bit long so if you already started your order and are in a hurry, go with Coinbase or Uphold.  By the way coinbase will give you 10 $ in BTC at signup, so it’s a free clip !

Now that you have completed their sign up process, just use their “send bitcoin” feature and send it to our wallet address that is indicated on order.

What currency should I choose ? 

They all have their strengths, but if you are afraid of volatility use USDC or USDT, it’s the digital equivalent of 1 $ so it’s not confusing at all.

What if I missed the 60 minutes time frame 🙁 

You can just restart your order, the price may have varied a little, this is because it is updated every 15 mn. BUT when you start an order, the price is locked for 60 minutes of course.


$United States (US) dollar
€ Euro
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