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Tutorial : How to buy with crypto currencies and save money

Your first crypto purchase may be a bit confusing, but let’s help you with that in a quick way. Besides, every crypto order is an additional 5% off !

  1. Select Crypto as a mean of payment on checkout
  2. You will be shown a QR code and a list of characters (the wallet’s address)
  3. Now you have 60 minutes to complete your order.

Now there are 2 options

You already got a wallet with cryptocurrencies

Go into your wallet app, then copy the address and send the amount indicated to our wallet

You don’t have anything

Don’t worry ! Go to either :

  • Metamask : Chrome or Firefox extension, very simple. (supports every coin excepted BTC and XMR)
  • Atomic Wallet : Very simple and beautiful app (supports every coin excepted XMR) mobile and desktop
  • Uphold : In browser app, very complete. (supports every coin)
  • Binance : A huge Plateform where you can buy and sell every currency (it’s good to use it when you want to refill your wallet)

Note : You can really use anything, there are a lot of apps and they all work. We listed some

Now that you have completed their sign up process, just use their “send” feature and send it to the wallet address that is indicated on the order page.

What currency should I choose ? 

They all have their strengths :

  • Bitcoin is well known, but transactions can take 5 to 10 mn to complete
  • ETH is a lot faster to complete and very easy to find too.
  • If you are afraid of volatility use USDC or USDT, it’s the digital equivalent of 1 $ so it’s not confusing at all. (a 10$ order will be around 10 USDC/USDT)
  • If you want perfect anonymity, you want to consider Monero (XMR) ; Transactions take around 15 – 20 mn to complete
  • Finally BAT is easy to obtain, you can have some for free when you use Brave Browser

What if I missed the 60 minutes time frame ? 🙁 

You can just restart your order, the price may have varied a little, this is because it is updated every 15 mn.
BUT when you start an order, the price is locked for 60 minutes of course.



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