Hi ! Let’s be brief !

Inactive accounts

We are starting to remove inactive users, because we had a spam wave and we need to clean up. How to avoid being deleted ?
First, make sure to log in, this will mark you as active.
If you forget to do so in a long time, you will receive an email containing a link : They are Legit.  Click the link and log in within 14 days, and you’ll be marked as active again.

After this 14 days period, there are no safeguards and you’ll need to make another account.
Note : If you don’t receive Genuine Tickling’s emails, you’ll need to make sure we are in your “contacts”. Some servers could treat us as spam without you knowing.

Give aways

We have found a use for the like button ! Every week, we will draw someone that liked a clip and send him one of the clip he liked.
Note : Liking more clips will not give you more chances to be drawn, so like only what you like 🙂

Website Redesign

Genuine Tickling has a new look !

The clips are displayed in another way, the menu has changed, and everything is faster. That was some serious spring cleaning. And by the way, we are uploading a lot of FT and RF clips !