A new search engine

Hello !

I decided to change the website search. It is a very important piece of the platform if you want to find a clip quickly.

The new system looks better, and the image display larger.
If you didn’t find what you want in the little window, just click on “more result” (or press enter or the magnifying glass).

Then you will be redirected to a search page where every result is there, ranked by relevance. And better : The studio’s name is shown on the picture)

This is the first step, we aim to add autocomplete and really improve the results accuracy. It will need some time, probably done by mid August.
Maybe we can even make it so you can filter the results (select a studio or a tag) !

Another area of improvement is the product recommendation (at the bottom of pages), I am still not satisfied with the recommandations that are based solely on the Product tags.

The problem is that if the product has the tag “feet”, or “M/F”, this is a little bit too general.

So the next step will be to change the algorithms for something more user based. If you visit  “Straighjacket” and “Mary” clips a lot, it will find a clip of Mary in Straightjacket 🙂

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