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Genuine tickling Partners with a Coffee Maker ???

Hello ticklers !

Yeah I kinda got you with the title.

We wanted to bring another payment option to so you can basically pay with a credit card AND get privacy to your bills ! Isn’t that crazy ?

How ? 


This is easy, we partnered with Buymeacoffee !

You have 2 new options :

1) You can pay one time and get for example : 15 $ worth of tickle points (store credit), you’ll just need to send the receipt and they will be credited to your account.


-> For the 10 first users to use this payment option we will double the points ! 

2) You can also get a Membership :

-> We created 3 tiers for 15, 30 and 50 $

-> It is the same as paying in “one go” but you get a free pass for the Tickle Theater and it’s a monthly recurrent payment that you can stop at any moment.

Bronze will get a 7 days access, silver 14 days and Gold 30 days access (this is 9 clips, 28 clips or 56 clips for free in streaming)

Reminding you that you can also pay with crypto currency on GT, and it’s still a 5% discount for now

Link to buy me a Coffee

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FetishTober Deals !

It is Fetish-Tober on Genuine Tickling !  Meaning  you have a great deals for your clips.  If you buy 3 Clips : 50 % discounts

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