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Clips Update

Over the last 15 days GT received an overhaul : 

  • All the clips now have their length and definition correct, so that they can be found in the Clip Finder with these Criteria
  • There is a Bug report link on each page to report missing or wrong informations
  • All the clips now have a picture of the models that links to the model Database
  • The reading contrast is improved for titles
  • Clip recommendation will appear systematically
  • The Clip finder has a keyword function
  • Is is easier to use the filters on mobile view
  • Various bugs or quirks were fixed

A reminder : The model database is a collaborative tool so anyone can add or modify informations, it will help everyone

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Product Page Update

The following improvements were done today :  Decluttering product pages Especially on mobile (preview appears when needed, the menu is slimmer and no more big

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Spring Offer : Up to 70% off a selection of clips

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