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Pushing cryptos

Cryptocurrencies will probably be very important for the platform as it has no fees for us. And we want to improve the vendor share.

To push it : Every order made via a crypto will be -10%

You can pay with a variety of tokens, including USDC or USDT that are always worth 1$. That’s simple for everyone 🙂

Issues september 16th

We are experiencing some issues : 

  • Navigation bar doesn’t display (fixed)
  • Product pictures too
  • And the product filter on home page too

It should be fixed soon, under 24 hours. The website remains usable in the mean time.

Update : It should be fixed around 9 AM CET

Bitcoins !

Bitcoins !

Oh I missed it !

It’s been some times since I’ve not written some news.
Well let’s talk about the latest change.

Online payment is more complicated than you could think, there are all kind of reasons why but let’s sum it up :

It’s a Mafia between banks and intermediaries, and the business that makes the sales really overpays. There are gazillion of fees …

Anyway, while I’m all for convenience for the customer, we need backups.
That’s why I decided to try Bitcoin payments.

While it’s unusual at this time for most of you customers, it’s something very important to learn.

In fact, you just need 2 things :

  • Bitpay -> It’s a wallet just like Paypal, that’s how you will pay.
  • Bitcoins -> There are lots of places where you can buy some with your credit card. We recommend coinbase for it’s use of use

Now let’s say you want to make a purchase, you just need to scan a QR code or 1 tap “copy-paste”. And it’s done !

Is it safe?
Yes ! For both parties.

Is it long to process a payment?
This was a problem when BTC became popular, now there is a “lightning network” that processes your order as fast as a credit card.

Is it anonymous?
We still have all the information required to create an account (country, email, username …). You can fake if you want.

So we’ll how it goes, and we are always looking for better solutions.
If you want to give it a try, 1 crypto payment = 1 bonus clip of your choice 😉

What if Bitcoins crashes?
– On our end there is no problem : The amount is converted into USD or EUR.
– On the user end, I would advise you to keep small amounts of BTC (not more than 100 $ worth of BTC)

Introducing customs !

New feature!

You can now order customs via this page.

When you selected a model, you can book your custom directly from the Website.
Then the studio will get back to you with a quote.

The feature is only available to Studios on the Platform, starting now.

You can now be a Premium Member

You can now be a Premium Member

Here is the latest from Genuine Tickling !

We noticed that many of you were buying a lot of clips from GT Prod and Lovely Laugh Tickling, we can now make that cheaper from you.

This is why we are now launching Premium subscriptions

    • The clips from those 2 studios will be free (past, present and Future)
    • You will get access to more updates (pictures, shootings plans and previews before everyone else)
    • A permanent 5% discount on all the platform.
    • Bonuses/coupons on some clips from other productions.

On our side, we get a steadier source of income, that helps us produce more and release more features for Genuine Tickling.
Useful : Billing is discrete, we thought about eveything.

Learn more about Premium by clicking here

Note : This is a feature that is potentially going to trickle down to other studios, so that any studio could have it’s own membership !

Website Update 10 -11th May

The 2.0 version of the website is near, in the meantime, I fixed and improved things to prepare the transition!

We have :

  • Added a Sidebar to browse through clips easier.
  • Enhanced navigation
  • Improved site load time
  • Fixed the add to wishlist pop-up
  • Improved vendor pages and fixed some design issues.
  • Updated/Added more information on the contact page.

If you find some bugs, please contact us, we always give tickle points as a reward 😉