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Website Update 10 -11th May

The 2.0 version of the website is near, in the meantime, I fixed and improved things to prepare the transition!

We have :

  • Added a Sidebar to browse through clips easier.
  • Enhanced navigation
  • Improved site load time
  • Fixed the add to wishlist pop-up
  • Improved vendor pages and fixed some design issues.
  • Updated/Added more information on the contact page.

If you find some bugs, please contact us, we always give tickle points as a reward 😉

Update on Maintenance : It’s over and we have Better downloads

When you start something with code .. you never know when it’s going to end.

The good news : 

  • The new file download system works and is pretty reliable.

The Not so good news :

  • Each file needs to be converted to this new system, and it takes time and ressources, as we all want the website to keep running, I’ll do the older files over the next few days, one at a time.

As of now, this means that clips published in January and February are still on the old system.


Improving downloads on April 2nd

Our current priority is “download reliability”.

So this morning (UTC+2), we are making a Big Upgrade on the back end, because video files will leave our server 🙂

We may experience website slowdown, but it should stay up.

Update : Reported to the 3rd

Part 2 of the ticklish trio

Lorie Emma Charlotte part 2 prev from genuine tickling on Vimeo.

Second and last part for the ticklish trio ! 

After their hogtied sessions, both Emma and Charlotte get a 3 on 1 tickle treatment where each girl face the other’s wrath and frustration.

In the end, it all comes down to Lorie that has been spared until now. She is at least as ticklish as the others, and she got the whole revenge treatment.

The 3 girls left exausted, they wished they had never came.

Lorie, Emma and Charlotte the ticklish trio #1

Lorie, Emma and Charlotte the ticklish trio #1

Here we have a nice and ticklish trio ! 

Emma, Charlotte and Lorie are 3 friends that were looking for Cash to fund a trip to Africa.

The only thing they had not anticipated was their ticklishness !

For the first part I wanted to try something new, so we hogtied Emma and Charlotte side by side and I turned Lorie into my temporary accomplice.

Both girls are very ticklish everywhere, and worse for them : Bondage held up.

Check it out at the store !

Annoushka tickled

This was my first ever tickle video. 

Annoushka is half french and half Russian (hence her name).

She was reluctant to try the tickle experience, but in the end I think she liked it.

She may not be ultra ticklish on her feet, but she is cute and genuine. As for most of these “older” clips, bondage was ok, but it got better with practice 🙂

Check it out in the store !