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Emails problem

Hi, these last 4 days, the website wasn’t able to send emails for new orders or new user account.
The problem is that they don’t work with latest PHP update for now, it’s under investigation. (it seems the problem is with PHP itself, so we’ll have to wait to try it again)

In the meantime we reverted to PHP 7.3, and everything is back to normal (only emails were affected)

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2019 ends …

2019 is ending soon !

The website isn’t even 1 year old, but I think we achieved some great things.
We have had our lot of bugs and troubles, but I think we succeeded in creating an alternative platform for tickling and foot fetish content on the internet 🙂

We will try to launch new things in 2020, such as exploring live streaming, private sessions … While maintaining stability !

The dust should settle after a busy month of January, and you will hear about new projects.

Happy new year !

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Important note about memberships

Important note about memberships :

In order to keep things manageable, we limit the number of concurrent members.
If we already have enough members, you’ll have to wait for a slot to be free.

We also removed the 1 month basic option, as we are more interested in long term memberships (much cheaper for the end user)

Something new:

I hate discord, but I wanted a way to share easily tickle pictures and news.
You can join the telegram group : Genuine tickling and friends

I’ll post ongoing clip montage, pictures, and news

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New store view

Hello there !

We have updated the store views : this is where you can browse by store.

Now, 5 store appears per row, so you can have a better coverage of all the stores.
On mobile, 2 appear per row.

We have also updated some store pictures too so it looks better.

Go check it out here 

On an other note : We made it so 4 more products appear on the homepage, this is probably better as the release rate came way up.

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Christmas Event lottery

Hello ticklers !

The 10th of December, we will hold a draw out of every order we got since the 26th of November.

The winner will win a custom sketch from our beloved artist Pirata N°3 depicting your favorite scene in a clip. (or something from your imagination but with models from the website)

This is the art style. The limits is 2 characters

So keep the orders rolling and hopefully you will win this for christmas !

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Black Friday : Game on

For this year only, we are doing 3 days of sales.
Everything is at -70% as of now until December the 28th

How to participate ?

The price reduction only applies to payment made with cryptocurrencies.
The discount applies directly at the very end

Fear not !

It’s totally safe and easy to pay with cryptos. Let us guide you.

  1. You need to open an account on Coinbase (or an equivalent) to exchange some money against a crypto currency.
  2. You need an app (desktop or mobile) that is called a Wallet (coinbase wallet works seamlessly with coinbase), there is also Uphold or “exodus” (for more advanced users)

There is so many currencies, which one to choose ? 

Let’s give a short answer :

  • USDC (or USDT) is a stable coin : 1 USDC is always worth 1$, so it’s easy and you don’t have to fear that the price goes up or down.

Of course, we have plenty of other currency options to suit everyone, not only begginers.

Why are we doing this ? 

We have to be honest here, Cryptos may become the only mean we can accept money in the future for our kind of website, so it’s better that everyone get’s used to it.
It’s as easy as Paypal after all

The other motive is that the fees are abysmal, so it’s more money for the creators and less for hungry third parties.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the many clips you can buy today !

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$ United States (US) dollar