18 Years Old Carmen Has Wonderful Underarms


Length - 10:20 - 720P

We are happy to welcome a new charming 18 years old model in our tickling productions.
Carmen is a student in arts who was very interested by a tickling experience with us.
She is really cute and her sexy underarms, belly & sides are just a pleasure to see and to tickle.

The girl is strongly immobilized on the bench with all her upperbody helpless & vunerable to feathers & fingers.
The tickler explores her most ticklish spots with feathers on her bellybutton, sides, underarms, neck and ears during
the first three minutes and he increases the punishment with his sadistic fingers for the maximum laughter.

Carmen’s body is extremely ticklish and her laughter is so sexy and so communicative.
The guy has so much fun with this new ticklish model who really loves to be tickled where she can’t stand it.
Another young ticklish beauty strongly tied and tickled for you.

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