18 years old dancer's ultra ticklish audition


Length – 13:05

We are happy to present you the audition we made with Lisabeth one year ago before her first session with us.
The tickler tests her ultra ticklish bare feet, underarms, neck, hips and sides with feathers and fingers discovering that every part of her body is ultra sensitive.
The young girl is ultra sensitive to the feathers and she becomes immediately crazy when the guy attacks her ticklish spots with his fingers.
Lisabeth has a fantastic laughter wich is exactly the type of laughter we are looking for a ticklish girl.

She’s a true tickler’s dream and probably one of our best tickle toy ever!
Her dancer’s high arched feet are incredible and they’re so ticklish that it is very difficult to resist to be merciless with them.
Lisabeth is really one of our best model of the year.

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