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Definition - 1080P
Length - 10:01

34 Years Old Dancer Claire Is Deathly Ticklish All Over : Upperbody Tickle

The insanely ticklish Claire is strongly immobilized on the device for a very intensive tickling punishment. This girl is deathly ticklish all over and she endures here the most merciless tickle ever!! All her most ticklish spots are tickled until she loses all control of herself and her hysteria is a dream to watch and to ear. We rarely pushed girls to their limits at this point in our productions and you’ll really be impressed by the level of that she endures here.

Claire is clearly one our most ticklish model and all her most ticklish area are mercilessly tormented. Her punishment begins on her upperbody during 10 long minutes for her and she realizes at the beginning of the clip that she will not be able to stand it but it is too late now. The dancer is now at the mercy of her Tickler and all she can do is to become crazy.

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