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49 Years Old Karine Becomes Crazy on the Table Under Veronique’s Fingers

The sexy milf is tied on the table and at the mercy of the sadistic Veronique who wants to have more fun
with her new ultra ticklish submissive.
This F/F session is 40% upperbody and 60% bare feet tickle
Karine goes crazy all long the clip because Veronique explores all her most ticklish spots and she’s perfectly
efficient without any compassion.
More Karine laughs and more Veronique increases the tickling to get the most hysterical reactions but Karine is
so ticklish all over that it is very easy for her to have the maximum fun.
Her underarms are insanely sensitive as her sides and soles!
What an incredibly ticklish mature woman who really loves to be tickled especially when she loses control of herself.

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