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50 min of tickling oiled Vita’s feet in stocks and wet armpits in V-pose

By Dero

This is the longest session with Vita in a position she hasn’t been in before. Vita wears nice lingerie, her arms are stretched up and fixed in soft handcuffs, her legs are placed in stocks at an upward angle. Thus, Vita is on the folded bench in the V position.
There will be a long ticklish work on Vita. To my surprise, after all this time she wasn’t tired and didn’t stop laughing from tickling.

I start by tickling her feet with a feather and then move to her upper body, tickling her already sweaty armpits. Vita laughs and of course, fidgets from tickling. I cover her mouth with my hand as I tickle her harder. Then I go to the feet again using Wartenberg’s pinwheel and then a fork and we can see how delicate her soles skin is. Then I lubricate Vita’s feet with oil and tickle them with a comb. Vita goes crazy and laughs.
Then I am again at Vita’s beautiful armpits – I move my fingers over her body and my fingers climb deeply into her armpits and waist. I love to tickle her body and feel the tense of her muscles.
Back to Vita’s feet, here I use more oil and apply a massage brush on her feet. Here we can see a juicy close-up of her feet during 6 mins.
Then follows a new perspective with a general plan, where you can see Vita’s beautiful toes from above with red toenails. I tickle her feet and upper body.
Then again, a frontal view and a close-up of Vita’s feet where I add more oil and massage her feet and then tickle them with two combs at the same time and use an electric toothbrush.

Next, I take a pen and poke her feet and drive it along her soles. I find a tender spot on the tips of Vita’s thumbs and tickle her there.
Then I tickle her upper body and tease her hips, listening to Vita’s laugh and run my fingers over her body again and again.

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