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A stolen girl – Gasping from the tickling

He crept silently to her car and saw her bare feet sticking out of the car window. She dozed off a little bit… He would tickle her bare feet. So he tickled her feet a little, red-haired beauty smiled through a dream. Now he will not leave her easily…
Crept up from behind, he grabbed her, covering her mouth. He told her not to cry, otherwise, he would tickle her to crazy. He tied her hands behind the car seat and began to tickle her armpits and sides. She is very ticklish. She started taking deep breaths, so as not to . Her head began to spin…
Next, she bound to a chair in the gangster’s place. The feet were also tied. Mouth taped. He patted her on the cheek, so she woke up. Frightened she was ready for anything, but not for tickling. He started tickling her armpits and sides. Then he moves to the lower abdomen. Next, the poor girl was going crazy from the feet tickling. It seems that she didn’t have enough air. She squirms and giggles then caught her breath during short pauses. It was a real for her…

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