Adelia Mult - Adorable topless chair tie with sweet moans


Length – 13:08 – 1080P

In this video, adorable topless Adelia Mult is stuffed with a red ballgag and tied tightly to a chair. The girl enjoys the feeling of helplessness and physical pleasure from the tight ropes that restrain her body.

Adelia’s legs are also tied to the chair and her feet don’t touch the ground. The babe is completely devoid of movements and enjoys it, making sweet sounds from her gagged mouth. The camera shoots the beauty from all sides, showing all the aesthetics of the bound beautiful body with large breasts.

There’re some black and white frames in the clip, which give this video even more charm. Adelia drools through the gag. She’s drooling down the chin, further down the neck and belly, and eventually wet her white panties, which is very sexy. Enjoy!

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