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After 11 Years the Super Ticklish Blond Sandrine Is Back

We’re very proud to announce you that the beautiful Sandrine is back after 11 years. We worked with this awesome blond during the year of 2003 and she’s still extremely ticklish especially after numerous years without tickling. Sandrine contacted me a few months ago to take news and during the conversation I asked her if she would be ok to be tickled again with us and she accepted immediately. She said me that she enjoyed a lot the tickling experience in the past and that it would be fine to do it again then I organized a new tickling session with her. Her new punishment begins with a great bare feet tickle she is immobilized with her soles up in our favorite position and mercilessly tickled by her cousin and by the FT Tickler.

Sandrine soles and toes are insanely ticklish and she explodes immediately in laughter with fantastic reactions. She really forgot how she was ticklish and she remembers now that she can’t stand it. The situation is very fun to watch and her crazy reactions are a delight to see and to ear. It is always a pleasure when our old models come back especially when they’re as ticklish as they’re beautiful like Sandrine. If you don’t know yet this incredible ticklee this is now time to meet her.

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