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Agent Dina in a trap – Nylon foot tickling in stocks

By John. Made by request

Dina infiltrates his lair and experiences visions in which she sees how the poor girls couldn’t escape from tickling. Yes, this is the very place, Dina thought, and continued exploring the dark room, filled with a large number of BDSM devices and props. There was only one thing Dina overlooked. If it was so easy to find the tickler’s lair and enter it undisturbed, why hasn’t anyone found evidence against him before?

A hand descends on the agent’s shoulder, someone stands behind her, and she senses that it’s him… What should she do? Freeze and wait for his next move or struggle in the hope of escaping? Dina jerks, and the tickler’s hand clamps her mouth like a snake, and a second later, she is dragged somewhere along the floor. It was Dina’s mistake…

She finds herself bound to a bench in a seated X position. She has a ballgag in her mouth, a blindfold over her eyes, and black, barely translucent stockings on her legs withot shoes, her big toes are tied to the stocks. She doesn’t have to be alone in the room for long, as the tickler is already there. He begins to torment Dina’s sensitive feet in stockings with tickling, enjoying her whimpering and laughing, while also applying oil and using different devices on her soles.

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