Alla wants to tickle big Agata's boobs in the forest + foot tickle in the car


Length – 16:45

Agata is resting in the car with her feet out of the window. Alla sneaks up in dark clothes and watches Agata.  While Agata is napping, she tickles her soles a little. Agata doesn’t wake up but feels ticklish.
After a while, she wakes up, but Alla hides quickly. Agata falls resting again but doesn’t know that Alla has already got into the car. She captures Agata from behind.
Then she leads Agata into the woods to enjoy tickling her big tits.

Agata resists, but Alla pulls out the rope and ties her to a tree. Now she tickles Agata’s belly and bares her breasts. She bites and licks Agata’s nipples and tickles her belly with her lips. She puts a piece of tape over Agata’s mouth so she doesn’t scream and continues to torture her.
After she has enjoyed tickling Agata, she leads her back into the car and ties her hands behind the seat.
Then she tickles her sides and tits again. She moves closer to her and bites her nipples and tummy.

Alla wants to diversify her ticklish games and ties Agatha’s legs to both seats and then tickles each foot. Agata has a gag ball in her mouth.
Next Agata’s feet are tied together and Alla tickles them even harder. Then she leaves Agata alone and leaves.

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