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Alycia feet in your face


Length - 09:23
- 1080P -
Published 26 September, 2022

Alycia is probably the youngest dream girl on our site since she celebrated her 18th birthday 2 weeks ago! She is also for sure one of the hottest dream girl on our site and she is now really curious to discover about your foot fetish! She wants you to admire its beauty and take look on her boots before she takes them off to completely cover your face with her sweaty white socks! They are actually super sweaty and super smelly since she has been wearing them for four days in a row! She is actually wearing those socks since her 18th birthday party! Alycia wants you to take some deep breaths in her socks and stick your tongue out to lick the dirty bottom of her socks! She also takes her socks off to completely smother your face with her virgin feet size seven! They are just perfect! She gives you the honour to smell them because she wants to know what it’s like to have a loser at her feet!

She also wants you to stick your tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles! She wants to know about the feeling of your tongue in between each of her toes! You will instantly fall in love with this 18 y.o. Alycia! Super Hot Clip! (French Language)

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