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Amelia Crushes You


Length - 03:56
- 1080P -
Published 4 March, 2022

Amelia loves to dominate and take advantage of all the guys around so it seems like she has put something illegal in your drink! I really don’t know what it was but you are now shrunk as a little tiny man! She thinks you really look stupid like that so she now wants to crush you on the floor with her shoes! There is not much you can do a part the fact that you have now to deal with your little size! Amelia also takes her shoes off to walk on your with her sweaty nylon feet!

You are so small that you are now trapped between her foot and the floor! And the aroma of her feet is so strong! What are you gonna do? Amelia now thinks you worth less than nothing so she just crushes you on the floor with her sweaty nylon feet! No special effects. 100% POV! (French Language)

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