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Amelia’s Distraction

Amelia is a very attractive woman so it is really hard to resist on her feet when you have a foot fetish! She is actually watching a movie with this loser but he just can’t stop to watch and fix her feet! She makes him take her shoes off after this long day at work so her feet were now really close to his nose! This loser now just can’t resist to rub his nose in her feet! They were actually so smelly! Amelia notices something weird so she now wants to know more about his foot fetish!

Are you smelling my feet or what? Really? She now wants to know how far this can go so she makes him takes some deep breaths in her toes! She also makes him lick the sweaty bottom of her soles from heel to toes! How does my feet taste? They’re not too sweaty? (French Language)

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