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Length - 06:04 -
Definition - 1080P

Angela’s Financial Control

Angela perfectly knows how to get what she wants and especially with this loser slave! It is so easy to take advantage of his foot fetish! That was a long day with her shoes on and her feet are really sweaty now so she knows that her slave will be ready to do anything just to take a sniff from her shoes! He is so addicted to her feet!

Angela wants to go shopping later so it is just the perfect time to empty his wallet! How much would you pay to smell my feet? I could feel them really sweaty in my shoes and I’m ready to stick them right in your face! He gives her some bills without hesitation and takes her shoes off to smell her sexy bare feet! They were so smelly after walking all day long! Angela counts the bills while he’s sniffing her feet and tasting that sweat from the bottom to the top of her soles! She just needs to fix the price of this cruel game to make sure he never gets enough!

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