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Angela’s hysterical tickling by Agata and Alla + Four-handed tickle on massage table

Definition - 1080P
Length - 42:34


By Dero

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This is a classic upper body and feet tickling using a special tickling technique with hands, which is practiced by Agata and Alla.
Angela is on the massage table. She is topless, wearing only panties. Her hands are tied behind her head and her feet are locked on corners of the table
Alla and Agata will alternately tickle her, then they will tickle her together.

Agata the tickler
Agata is also topless, she slowly and measuredly begins to tickle Angela and gradually accelerates. She plunges her fingers into her armpits and makes Angela into hysterics. She squirms and laughs. Then she tickles Angela under her panties and moves to her flat stomach, pressing her fingers against her sides.
Then Agata goes over to her feet and tickles Angela’s small feet for a while.

Alla the tickler
Alla comes in and starts tickling Angela with her beautiful long fingers, biting into her body. She also uses the technique of plunging her fingers into hollows of armpits and tickles her sides, pressing hard on the ribs. Then she also tickles Angela under her panties.
Angela wriggles hysterically and Alla stands behind Angela to reach her body and tickle her more. Then she tickles her feet.

Agata the tickler 2
Agata comes again and adds oil to Angela’s body and smears it. Then she tickles her body and breasts with her sharp nails and then sneaks under her panties. Angela’s slim body is completely at the mercy of the strong Agata.

Alla and Agata together
Both ticklers begin to drive Angela crazy. They tickle her together, standing next to each other. Then they separate and tickle the girl from different sides, making Angela completely exhausted.
In the end, the girls tickle her feet from different sides and leave.

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