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Anna Luna – Tickling and excitation of a sexy girl – Live Session

By Dero

Anna Luna really wanted to feel dominated. She turns on when a man takes her into his hands.
This time I put Anna on the device with arms and legs crucified and begin to tickle her back and ass with a large feather sensually.

Then I take a cane and during the tickling lightly beat her ass. Then I tickle her sides and ass, thighs, and between her legs with my hands. After that, I took some ice and ran the cubes down her back, which melt and run down the water. Later, I turn Anna to face me and begin to tickle and run stabbing rollers over her body. Then I sprinkle her with drops of hot wax from a candle.

After that, I insert a bamboo stick between her teeth and order her to hold it, and I sit down behind her and begin to tickle her sides and ribs. After that, I return to Anna, already standing in front of her, and begin to tickle her stomach and nipples with my tongue, massaging her between the legs.

Later, I untie Anna and put her on my knees, after which I transferred her to a mattress where I begin to tickle her feet. Then I pull off her panties and begin to caress between her legs – at the same time tickling her body, chest, and lower abdomen while she enjoyed the process

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